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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How famous is Ludlow's Island Resort?

This is a bad picture so if you have one near by use that and it works much better.

Today I was sitting in the office talking to Lori, as I was walking I forgot that I had some change in my pocket, it was four quarters two nickels and one penny. Now the story gets a little weird, one of my quarters was really shiny, so I checked it out and it was a Minnesota state quarter, I have not really looked at these yet, so I took a close look. If you have one handy I suggest you look at it too and maybe you will see the same thing I do.
If you have stayed with us before this should be a little fun (that or living in a small town has made me even more weird and easily amused) Picture yourself near our Wakemup and Balsm cabins on the south shore. Now look at the quarter, the loon is in the weeds that are just east of the Wakemup/Balsm beach then as you scan up the fishing boat which is in a spot were I see boats in the spring fishing for crappies. Are you still following me? Then right behind the boat you notice how the pine tree’s mound up and are higher than the rest, that is Ludlow’s Island(due to the small detail they weren’t able to put twilight in there). Now scan a just left of the Island, now this is where the state of Minnesota must of gotten jealous that we stole the majority of the space on the quarter, so they put the state image right over our camping island, but that’s ok we don’t mind sharing the glory. So now just left of the state of Minnesota, do you notice the big rock formation, that is the just off of our hiking trail, I always tell guest about that spot it’s a beautiful spot to sit and watch the lake.
So this is the part where you can respond back and either call me crazy or say “Wow John you have a great eye for detail!”. Don’t worry I get the crazy line a lot, but I thought that it was kind of funny and if your bored some night just use a little imagination and try it out.
Have a good one
John Burger

Monday, December 12, 2005


Make sure the check the gas in the shuttle boat at all times because if you happen to run out of gas in that short distance between the island and mainland it is not easy to paddle a big wooden boat by yourself and with only one paddle, I learned the hard way
John Burger
P.S. If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at

Classic Wooden Boat Shuttle Service at Ludlow's Island Resort

This is me giving guest a ride back to the mainland from the island, people almost feel like they are in Venice Italy and I am the boatman, except with a huge Minnesota twist to it.

Shuttle service at Ludlow’s Island Resort is a unique experience all in itself. How many resorts can you think of that when you arrive there they load you in a boat that is 61 years old. Guest of all ages love our shuttle boat, for some it brings them back to their childhood days of cruising the lake with their parents, and for some of our younger guest their eyes just light up with excitement.
During the summer I have shown many children how to operate the boat and let them do a little bit of driving its always a good time, some times a little interesting but always fun.
The Shuttle boat has been modified from its original form to better suit for the transportation of guest.
A little bit of background on the Shuttle boat here at Ludlow’s, as stated above it is 61 years old and it is a Thompson, Thom Boy. Here is a little history of the Thompson brothers that I found on a website about their modest beginnings;
“The Thompson story is a rich one, and classic in how companies were started. In 1904, Peter Thompson, along with his brother Christ, built a canoe in the barn of their family's farm two miles north of Peshtigo, Wisconsin. The next year they sold over 100 boats, mostly through catalog sales. Within a few short years, all six Thompson brothers were in the boat building business, and in 1912 the company incorporated and built a facility within the city limits of Peshtigo.From those modest beginnings, Thompson Boats became one of the largest manufactures of pleasure boats in the country. By 1924, business was so brisk, they opened a second plant in Cortland, New York, to keep up with the public's demand for their boats. The company built canoes, skiffs, sailboats, various boats for the military during World War II, duck boats, a variety of fishing boats, racing boats, and small cruisers. Their signature boat was the Lapstrake lake runabout of the 1950's and 60's. Their graceful bow lines, combined with their ruggedness and safety made it a favorite for a variety of water sports, fishing, or just cruising the shore.”
For more information here is the website that I found this information, its pretty interesting to read, especially if you are a classic boat fan,, then go to “Tech Articles” do a search for “Miles Kapper” and you will get the same article that I got the information from.
Have a Great day
John Burger

Friday, December 09, 2005

Loon's on Vermilion, Natures Amenity

This picture was donated by former head dock boy Than Tibbetts Thank you Than for all the wonderful pictures that you have sent me to share with every one.
This picture was taken from our very own docks where it is not uncommon to see the Loons hanging out. They show their curiosity of our establishment almost every day during the summer.
This past summer I was driving the shuttle boat to one of our off island cabins returning some guest to their cabin after they were done enjoying the beach and on my way back a loon was just sitting in the water in front of me and the guest, as I come up on the beautiful bird it picked its back leg out of the water and waved at me. That was one of the strangest things that I ever saw, and a very friendly gesture, so I waved back at the loon. The guest then looked in the direction of my wave and asked what I waved at since they did not see the Loon waving, I then explained what I saw they were very surprised, but I am guessing that they might not of believed me. So I drop them off on the docks and the little girl stayed in the boat and another adult from their cabin came back with her to the island since she still wanted to hang out on the beach. This time on the way back I informed them of the friendly Loon since it was still there and with hopes of a repeat performance, sure enough once we got within the same distance as the last wave the Loon spun around to face the boat and once again picked its back leg up and waved its back leg 3 times back and forth, both guest saw it this time. This is a true story , it has only happen once to me but at least I have witnesses.
On lake Vermilion there are many Loons and they fill the lake with their mysterious calls and late night conversations that they have with each other, if you ever stay on lake Vermilion in the summer time you keep your windows open at night and enjoy the magical sounds and calls of the Minnesota state bird.
Have a great weekend
John Burger

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Beautiful Sunsets at Ludlow's Island Resort on Lake Vermilion

The island to the right is our camping island for kids.
Today I thought I would share with you one of my favorite parts of my day while working at Ludlow's, the sunsets.
As you may or may not know we are located on Lake Vermilion, the word Vermilion can be defined as a shade of red. It is believed that lake Vermilion was named for its Redish colored sunsets. Come the end of the work day when all the guest are getting all tired out from a full day of fun on the beach or out in the boat fishing and all is quiet I walk out to the end of one of our docks and look off into the west and take a minute to enjoy one nautures beauties. Since I have worked at Ludlow's I have seen some of the most amazing sunsets and even sunrises here, if I had to put it into words I dont even think "Breath-taking" could describe it you almost just have to be here to experience it and feel it for yourself.
The sunsets and sunrises are one of the main reasons that we have swinging bench chairs located on the the west side and east side of our island, couples and families love to relax there at the end of the day. So I thought that I would post picture here so that you can somewhat expereince the Beauty of Lake Vermilion.