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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fishing is Great here at Ludlow's Island Resort on Lake Vermilion

Just thought I would let every one know that the fishing has been awesome these past few days since I last posted a blog. Walleye's are biting like crazy here and even Crappies are picking up again.
If you want to find the Crappies I suggest hiring a guide especially Joe Panichi, he limited out on Walleyes the other day so they went and caught some monster Crappies. Above are a few pictures from the past few days.
Even guest who arent using guides right now are running into the walleye's, so what are you waiting for come on up and take advatage of our special fishing package rates.
Internet was being difficult so I will post the pictures the next chance I get, sorry for the delay.
Have a good one

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Walleye's are hungry!

It is that time of year for the resort to quiet down a lot, since kids are back in school now our family resort has undergone it's little transformation from families to couples and fishing party's.
So if your looking for a peaceful weekend or weekday getaway you should give us a call. The resort is pretty quiet right now most guest are out fishing, or relaxing on their porches watching the day come to an end with one of our classic Lake Vermilion sunsets.

Today was a great day for fishing one of our guest that went out with a guide came back 2 hours early since they had reached their limit for walleye's and then some they threw many back that were in the slot limit and still had plenty left over.
I have also been cleaning a lot of fish, in fact our gut bucket is full from all the fish that I have cleaned today so that to me is a sign of good fishing.
Also had a guest go out and get into some walleyes today and has already gone back out to find some more.

Just thought I would keep you posted as I am keeping an eye on the docks waiting for some boats.
Have a good one

Monday, September 04, 2006

Puzzle is finished!

This post is mainly for the Gruber family since they started a huge puzzle the last night here of their stay and we all put a huge dent in it that night, but did not get to finish it. It only took two more days and it was finished, I am sorry I didnt have time to finish it myself but when you leave an unfinished puzzle out they tend to get finished. Above is a picture of what it looks like and it was only missing about 8 pieces, so check Joe's pockets just in case they are there. (just kidding)
Have a good one

Classic Wooden Boat Show weekend!

Congratulations Tom Juul on your Success at the Lake Vermilion Classic wooden boat show.

If your a fan of old wooden boats or "Woodies" labor day weekend is the weekend to stay here at Ludlow's. Our Docks are filled with beautiful wooden boats, plus the locals who own wooden boats come out and its almost like the lake is transported back in time to the 1950's, and it is awesome.
For the wooden boat show weekend we have a couple of get togethers, potluck, and hold a dinner down at the Landing, and also the Harvest Moon. Among these dinners and get togethers they hold a competition at the Landing. This year there was about 30 boats of different makes models, and they award two different awards, one to the peoples favorite, and another for Skippers Choice.

This year Tom Juul of Juul Boat Works who stayed with us won both peoples choice and also the Skippers Choice. The boat he was showing was a 1940 Chris Craft Custom Runabout, the boat is owned by Carl Mammel and was restored by Juul Boat works in 1996. This boat was simply amazing, above I have posted some pictures of Tom and the "Sans Souci".
Below is a small slide show of some other boats that were here this Past weekend, and just some pictures that were taken.