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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fall meeting sets 2008 Priorities

Everyone came to the table at the fall meeting with lists compiled from their season of listening to guest comments and keeping an eye on everything at the resort.

The first priority was to discuss the guest experience and how we can make it better. Continuing to try and anticipate guest needs and be aware of their expectations are conclusions that must be put into plans of action!

The new concept of "carbon neutral" impact on the environment and "green marketing" has emerged in the public press in the past few years and is a hot topic for every industry. We decided to start sharing with guests what Ludlow's has been doing for some time. We were the first resort in St. Louis County to exceed the waste water treatment code some years ago (1999) and have taken other steps ever since to try and minimuze our impact on the environment. Over the winter we will tell you more...

For cabin improvements we are continuing our new bedding program started last year with new comforters, pillows, and replacing more mattresses. We are also tearing up more carpeting and exposing beautiful old wood floors or creating new ones. It is also time to refurnish a number of the cabins.

We will keep you updated with progress as we move toward winter.