Ludlow's Island Resort

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Muskie Brought in at Ludlow's

We have had a lot of Muskie spottings and following lures to the boat so far this year. There has also been a few Muskies landed, below is a picture of a beautiful Muskie that was brought in for pictures and then released, it was a nice 40 inch Muskie that was caught in a near by bay. Please feel free to comment or email us with a picture of fish that you have caught while here and we will be glad to post it up to show people who are unflamilar with the lake and how good its fishing is.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beautiful weather here at Ludlow's Island on Lake Vermilion!

The weather has been great up here in the north country. The kids are enjoying the beach all day, playing on the paddle boats,hydro bikes, Kayaks,our new water slide, and of course we cant forget the famous Iceberg. I am not trying to rub it in but just wanted to let every one know what they are missing and to get up here and enjoy Lake Vermilion at Ludlow's Island Resort. I just thought I would post some pictures of guest enjoying the resort and of some of the awesome sunsets that we have been having night after night.
Wish you were here

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Airplane Rides at Ludlow's Island Resort

One of the other activities that we offer for guest here at Ludlow's is Airplane Rides. Every thursday as long as the weather allows it we have airplane rides available for those who would be interested.
It is an awesome time and a really neat way to see the lake and the lay of the land, I would highly recomend it to any one that is up staying with us, that is as long as you dont mind being that high up in the air.
Below are some pictures of Van Air coming to Ludlow's and parking at our docks to pick up a family to take them on a tour.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Parker wins Ludlow's first fishing derby of the season

Congradulations Parker for winning todays fishing derby with a total of 9 fish.

Today we hosted our first official fishing derby for the kids at our resort. The fishing derby is one of many childrens activities that we at Ludlow's put together, we have 6 days full of fun for children to participate in.
The fishing derby is a contest of all the children at our resort that we hold on our docks, we give them 20 minutes to catch and release as many fish as they can. we prepare for this and have worms cut up for them so they are smaller and easier to put on a hook, we are also down on the docks enjoying the excitement and cheering the kids on while they fish their hearts outs. The winner of this contest gets to pick out a T-shirt out of our gift shop, and all the other contestants get a smaller prize such as a poster or some assorted candy for being such good sports.

Today's fishing derby was an exciting one we had a lot of kids joining in and catching a lot of fish. There was a 3 way tie going into the derby and it was neck to neck for a while, but once it got down to the last 5 minutes it was a close battle between Parker and Sydney, Parker was in the lead and in the last 15 seconds Sydney caught a final fish that would of tied Parker and put them into a sudden death overtime fish-off. But due to the rules Sydney's last fish didnt count since she had it on and pulled it out of the water but it wiggled off before it got to the docks. Just another fun filled exciting day here at ludlow's.
Have a good one

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fishing Report From Ludlow's Island Resort

The walleyes have been picking back up and are biting a lot more lately. They have been catching most of the walleyes in a spot that is east of our resort that I stumbled upon on my day off and found some. Since that day I have been sharing my knowledge with our guest and it has resulted in numerous groups coming back with their limit in walleyes.
Me with the stringer of Walleye that I am about to clean for our guest.

Also one of our guest that was here the other week was having some really good luck with his bass fishing and caught a lot of bass all weekend, and brought in a Nice 4lb large mouth one night for a picture. so Below is Alec with his beautiful Large Mouth;

New Water Slide at Ludlow's Island Resort!!

Ludlow's has made an upgrade in our swimming area for your enjoyment! We have a brand new swim dock made with nice plastic fake wood, so no worring about getting any slivers.
We have retired our blue slide and replaced it with a bigger better slide, below is a few pictures of the construction of our new water attraction.

It has running water that pours out of the top to slide down on and as you come out the tube there is a water fall at the end to give you one last splash before you hit the water.

Kids have been playing on it a lot lately and seem to really enjoy our new edition to the resort, hope every one enjoys the new slide this year.