Ludlow's Island Resort

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"2005 Property of the Year"

Ludlow's Island Resort has recently had the honor to be presented with the 2005 property of the year award, it was presented by the Minnesota Association of Innkeepers. Mark and Sally Ludlow were given this award at the Explore Minnesota conference held in St. Cloud MN. So I guess our guest have another reason to come back to beautiful Lake Vermilion and stay with us.
Thanks to our guest to help make this possible
John Burger

Monday, January 23, 2006

New Resort Activity!!!!

Hello, I know it has been some time since my last post on here I apologize but I have been busy with delivering firewood to the island. It is alot easier to haul wood to an island when the lake if frozen since I am able to drive the truck out to the island and use a snowmobile to get to the wood sheds.(just in case you were wondering how that was done.)
We have gotten a lot more wood this year since we are gonna try an idea that I had this fall of having nightly beach fires for our guest to enjoy.
So I will work on some good campfire stories to share with the guest this coming season, maybe even come up with some good local folk lore about the Vermilion area.

Posted above is a picture of a local crawfish. That one of our very own Ben Tibbetts is holding.
One fun time of the summer is when a certain group of kids come up and we hang out at night and have crawfish catching contest at night. I think this last summer that we caught over 40 crawfish between all of us.
For those of you that havent gone crawfish hunting the easiest way to do it is tie a piece of uncooked bacon on a string and lower it to where you see crawfish and they will go and grab on to it and you can pull them right out of the water. That could be considered a usless piece of information until the day that you are really hungry and only have one piece of bacon.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Weddings at Ludlows Island Resort

(left) is a picture of our special made ceremonial dock to give your wedding that exotic touch

I figured that this wouldnt be a bad time to tell every one that Ludlow's Island Resort has been a beautiful spot to host your upcoming wedding. In fact this year we are actually trying to get more wedding business, I will be traveling down to the twin cities this coming weekend to have a booth at "The Bridal Spectacular" which is put on by Mpls St. Paul Magazine. We will be down there advertising our resort for people looking for a romantic honeymoon vacation, or for possible Bachelor outings, or even a Ladies of the wedding outings, and of course to see if we can help make the happiest day of some couples life that much better.
Ludlow's is an awesome honeymoon vacation destination, I have seem many happy couples come to Ludlow's either on honeymoons, anniversaries, or just a romantic getaway and have a great time here.
I have worked here for two summers and I have worked 3 weddings in that time, and all were amazing. It was awesome to even be able to work the weddings, and I know that the guest had a great time because they would always tell me, which felt good to know that your helping make people happy. So if you ever thought of having your wedding on an island and would appreciate the beauty of the northwoods much more and enjoying the service of a family owned resort to add that much more to your special event, get in contact with us at
This weekend will be my first show that I am going to, I am really excited and cant wait to represent the resort at this event.
Have a good day
John Burger