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Monday, February 27, 2006

Adam is Coming back

Returning this summer to our guest services team for 2006 is our very own Adam Sushoreba. Adam is a native of the Cook area and has been working at Ludlow's for 3 years and is a great asset to us. This year Adam will be Living on the island with me and taking on more responsibility in the guest services at Ludlow's.

I have worked with Adam the past two summers and I am extremely excited to have him living on the island with me, both as a friend and a fellow coworker. He is a very hardworking individual and is very knowledgable about what goes on here at Ludlow's. He is currently going to school at University of Minnesota, Duluth campus majoring in Cell Biology, and his minor is in Chemistry.
Adam is a laid back individual, on his day off you might spot him around the town of Cook hanging out with friends or cruising around the town of Virginia. Adam loves to Fly Fish and be out in the Mountains. (as you can tell from the picture above)
So I just thought I would give you some background on one of our returning staff members and we cant wait to see you this summer. I think its going to be a great one here at Ludlow's.
Have a good one
John Burger