Ludlow's Island Resort

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ludlow's Island Resort is Opening May 12th

We are getting closer and closer to opening... I have all the motors on the boats, even put in a couple of our really nice 115hp mirror craft fish ski boats.
Today we finally got all the raking and leaf and stick clean up done. It was a little misty this weekend but nothing unbearable, especially when I heard about all the rain that was happening in the twin cities this weekend.

So late friday afternoon as I was enjoying the soon to be beautiful sunset while putting a motor on the Shuttle boat a female mallard duck came up to me and wanted some of my crackers, so since I live on the island alone right now I decided to enjoy the company of a duck and share my crackers with her. yeah some times its the little things in life that make it fun.

We still have a few openings on our special opening family weekend may 12th, give us a call and reserve your space now before its all gone!!! 1-218-666-5407
Have a great day

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Beautiful Lake Vermillion, and Crappie Fishing in Black Bay

Hello again, this is a new record, well I guess it is nothing huge but it is my second posting today.
After Ben,Matt and I got done doing leaves and loading sticks on Saturday Cate and I went out to do some Crappie fishing.
Since I heard that they were biting really good up in Black Bay on Vermillion, and susposedly in two feet of water and on Crappie minnows with a # 6 hook or a flu flu.
Needles to say I found the Crappies they were about 50 feet away and the boat that was next too us limited out within half an hour, and another boat beat us to the spot. So I didnt catch any Crappies, I did stumble upon a Northern while looking for the crappies but I believe thats out of season right now.

All and all we had a great night out on the water, as you can tell by the pictures it was a beautiful day and it was actually a beautiful weekend all together.

Above is a slide show of some of the pictures that we took while out on our little fishing adventure, it was an amazing night the sunset was beautiful as always, the water was so calm that you could see some beautiful reflections, some pictures you can tell and see how it looks like a mirror image.

Just another great reason to come up and visit us here at Ludlow's Island Resort. Visit our website we still have some availability over this spring, summer, and fall.
Hope to see you out here this summer
Have a good one
John Burger

Ben Tibbetts and Mathew Long

Ben and Matt are both locals of Cook, and go to Highschool here in town. They have been spending their past few summers here at Ludlows working in our guest services department. They are both very hard workers and have a good feel for the resort, above is a slide show of us three working this weekend, we had a lot of raking to do to help with the clean up of the island and these are pictures of just one load that we put onto our amphibious pontoon to take to the local dump.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Paul Ludlow is back on the Island

Paul Ludlow will be returning to Ludlow's this summer to help out in the day to day management of theresort. Paul, like his siblings, worked at the resort while growing up. During college summers Paul was incharge of guest services and after school headed outfor other experiences. He was hired by Marriott rightbefore 9/11 and spent 18 months in downtown Chicago. He found an opportunity working in Glacier Park for the past three years at St. Mary's Lodge. For those of you who have been to Glacier, St. Mary is the smalltown on the east side at the "Road to the Sun" entrance. He has held numerous positions with St.Mary's, the most recent being rooms division manager. His winters have been spent at St. Mary's winter offices in Sun Valley. May 1 Paul returns to Ludlow's to bring new leadership to the resort. Mark and Sally will be "stepping back"and spending more time enjoying Lake Vermilion.